Alessandro De Felice [was born in Catania, (Italy), 1965], historical-political researcher, after the Political Sciences degree at Milan Catholic University in 1991, published in 1995 and 1996 three essays concerning the birth of Italian Social Democracy in the second postwar period on <<Storia contemporanea>>, the bimonthly historical studies magazine – published by il Mulino (Bologna) – founded and directed by Renzo De Felice until his death in May 1996. Alessandro De Felice cooperated on his researches with Mauro Canali (CamerinoUniversity), giving him unpublished papers about the last book of Canali on The murder of Giacomo Matteotti. Business and politics of first Mussolini’s Cabinet, Bologna, 1997. Alessandro De Felice, in December 2007, obtained his second degree on Audiology Technologies at Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Siena University.

On April 1998 Alessandro De Felice published, as first book of historical series “Biblioteca Storico-Politica” (edited by Boemi, founded and directed by the same Alessandro De Felice), the essay whose title is The Social Democracy and theWestern Choice of Italy (1947-1949). Saragat, the PSLI Party and the International Policy since Palazzo Barberini to Atlantic Pact, (574 pages) reviewed in Europe by <<International Review of Social History>> (Cambridge University Press, Publishing Division, The Edinburgh Building, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge CB2 2RU, United Kingdom) [International Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Cruquiusweg 31, NL-1019 AT Amsterdam, The Netherlands] and in USA by Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives of Tamiment Institute Library of New York University (Elmer Holmes Bobst Library).

Alessandro De Felice wrote also and published scores of essays and in 1999 the book, concerning historical linkages between Mafia and Politics, Politica, criminalità e magistratura tra il delitto Notarbartolo ed il processo Codronchi-De Felice (pages 344 of 434) that introduces the new edition of book Maffia e delinquenza in Sicilia by Giuseppe De Felice edited the first time in 1900. Alessandro De Felice wrote for some esoteric, political, and historical magazines and has been working since 1990 to a nerve centres of monumental researches about international secret services and the dark areas of the Second World War including secret letters of Winston Spencer Churchill with Benito Mussolini before and during the years 1939-1945; this correspondence would has caused the assassination of Italian Social Republic’s Duce on April 1945 by commando of Italian Partisans and Secret Intelligence British Officials. Alessandro De Felice will complete in next future an important essay about the backstage’s plot that is behind Giacomo Matteotti’s death.


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Alessandro De Felice

Giuseppe De Felice (1859-1920)

Fondatore dei Fasci Siciliani dei Lavoratori nel 1891

Revolutionary Socialist Leader of Fasci Siciliani dei Lavoratori (1891).

Italian Socialist Party (PLI) promoter in Genoa (1892)

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